'Apex Legends' racks up 25 million players in its first week

PUBG and Fortnite competitor Apex Legends hits 10 million downloads within 3 days of launch: Here’s why

Tfue Reveals The Main Reason Fortnite Streamers Are Switching To Apex Legends

Apex Legends is only a week old, though you wouldn't know it considering it has scored 25,000,000 unique player accounts and over 2,000,000 players have been online concurrently, both numbers setting new records. If you are looking for the ultimate chart to give you a better idea of the gun mechanics in Apex Legends, look no further.

Developer Respawn kept the development of Apex Legends under wraps, unveiling the finished game with very little fanfare and allowing the game to become a word of mouth phenomenon nearly overnight. As a new Battle Royale, it is pulling in insane numbers on both Twitch and in general.

"Apex Legends", though, still has a long way to go before it's even in the same zip code as "Fortnite", which was released in 2017.

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And it does sound like Respawn is planning for some kind of Apex Legends crossplay support in the future. There's many more reasons why it could be the next Fortnite that just those, so enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to CBR for more Fortnite content. A huge missed opportunity for COD: Blackout, not for Apex.

For examples, play as Lifeline, a medic who uses a drone to increase her own and teammates' health and has fast healing capabilities, or Wraith, a sprite-like presence who can create portals through which players can effect attacks and retreats.

While some have offered suggestions to Tfue on ways he can avoid stream snipers in his games, the superstar has pretty much made it clear that he would rather stop streaming the game than jump through all the hoops required to prevent it from happening. For instance, the ping system allows gamers to communicate with their squad the location of certain loot, areas, or enemies.

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Apex Legends is an exciting, smooth experience shaking up the battle royale community. The real difficulty at the moment seems to be adapting a frantic shooter like Apex Legends for touch controls.

"'Fortnite" has more than 200 million players and it has expanded on a number of platforms like mobile", Ahmad says. Fortnite needed three months to reach 30 million players.

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