China calls for peaceful talks to resolve Venezuela issue

Aerial view of the Tienditas Bridge in the border between Cucuta Colombia and Tachira Venezuela after Venezuelan military forces blocked it with containers

The Tienditas Bridge was blocked by the Venezuelan military

About a dozen human rights activists stood at the gated entrance to the Tienditas International Bridge on Colombia's side, demanding Maduro allow the emergency aid to cross into Venezuela.

Venezuelan soldiers have blocked the border crossing with Colombia ahead of a humanitarian aid delivery from the USA arranged by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who has declared himself interim president.

The United States, along with allies Colombia and Brazil, are trying to bring aid into Venezuela, a move that Maduro says is a precursor to a U.S. invasion.

Mr Guaido also dismissed Mr Maduro's claim that a civil war could break out if the United States intervenes militarily in Venezuela. Today, our only enemy is fear.' Guaido said.

Maduro on Wednesday hit back at a tweet by U.S. national security adviser John Bolton that said "any Venezuelan senior military officer that stands for democracy and recognizes the constitutional government of President Juan Guaido" would not face United States sanctions.

The official declined to provide details on the discussions or the level at which they are being held, and it was unclear whether such contacts could create cracks in the Venezuelan socialist leader's support from the military, which is pivotal to his grip on power.

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"The package is very nice on the outside: humanitarian aid".

Venezuelan migrants gathered there to see if they could receive some aid. Venezuela has gone from being one of the richest countries in the region, to the poorest.

These supplies include food, hygiene kits, blankets, water containers, kitchen sets, water bladders, and nutritional supplements.

Additional aid is being stored in Miami and Houston and "ready to be deployed to the region immediately", the USA said in a statement.

The Contact Group had urged Maduro to allow in aid and said it would send a mission to Venezuela to discuss how to "establish the necessary guarantees for a credible electoral process, as soon as possible". "This is a down payment".

"Cuba is the only reason Venezuela is where it is", Scott said.

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In an interview with Reuters, the anonymous Trump official said the White House believes the few officers who have defected from Maduro are the "first couple pebbles before we start really seeing bigger rocks rolling down the hill". But it is not clear when or whether the aid will reach people inside the country.

A growing list of almost 50 countries has thrown their support behind Guaido.

More than forty nations including the United States, major European powers and most Latin American countries have recognized Guaido as the country's rightful head of state.

President Klaus Iohannis said Friday that Romania had made a decision to join other European Union countries and allies in recognizing Guaido partly because Bucharest now holds the EU's rotating presidency.

If the Venezuelan military decides to remain loyal to Maduro and continue to block the food supplies, National Security Adviser and notorious war-monger John Bolton threatened to make the humanitarian crisis even worse, adding to Maduro's criminal negligence to fulfill his people's most basic humanitarian needs.

"We're going to open a humanitarian corridor and the doors to freedom", he told journalists.

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