Axios: Trump's 'Executive Time' Contrasts With Structured Predecessors

Trump has spent about 60 percent of his time over the last 3 months in ‘Executive Time’ Leaked White House schedules

#ExecutiveTime Takes Off on Twitter After 3 Months of Trump's Daily Schedules Leaked

Overall, since November 7, Trump has spent about 297 hours in Executive Time and 77 hours in scheduled meetings, plus 39 hours having lunch and 51 hours traveling, according to the private calendars Axios obtained. "It shows that perhaps the people that work for him don't like him very much, but you just don't do this".

Much of Trump's unstructured time is filled with phone calls to aides, members of Congress, friends, and advisers.

Axios, the American news and information website, reported that since last year's midterm polls, President Donald Trump has spent 60 per cent of his working hours at the White House.

The private schedules do not list all of Mr Trump's meetings, as Axios also reported that many of his meetings are spur of the moment, or concealed as "executive time" due to fear of leaks.

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But the schedule doesn't tell the full story, Axios noted.

To be fair, Presidential schedules don't always tell us everything that goes on during the Chief Executive's day, of course, but these materials do appear to reveal something that has been long suspected about this President.

The White House director of Oval Office operations, Madeleine Westerhout, called the release of the schedules "a disgraceful breach of trust" in a tweet.

Trump's White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders reaffirmed the president's style of leadership.

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Trump is an early riser and usually spends the first five hours of the day in 'executive time'. Huntsman also noted that the White House has a problem with leaks in general, plus there's no telling what Trump's really doing in his "executive time" since the term is still loosely defined. As per Axios, "executive time" on the President's schedule doesn't exactly indicate that he was not working.

Historian Evan Thomas told The Guardian then that Richard Nixon, who "couldn't sleep and was an insomniac", used to have "staff time" every afternoon, in order to take naps.

FILE - President Donald Trump's glass of Diet Coke with the presidential seal on it sits on his desk in front of his phones in the Oval Office at the White House, in Washington, Dec. 11, 2018.

David Karol of the University of Maryland said: "If [Ronald] Reagan was taking a nap or watching an old movie, people didn't know". Clinton would generally stay in the Oval Office throughout his workday. What is clear, according to news reports and those close to the president, is that he prefers succinct presentations with more visual elements than those that were prepared for his predecessors.

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