Meghan Markle wrote messages on bananas to sex workers

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Meghan Markle reinvents the top knot

The Duchess of Sussex wrote personal messages of love and empowerment on bananas for street sex workers to find in their food parcels.

The Duchess wrote messages on the bananas like "You are strong", "You are loved", "You are brave", "You are special" while Prince Harry smiled on. Kensington Palace even posted a series of photos of the fruit, which included notes like, "You are strong", "You are loved", and "You are fearless".

Meghan Markle writes personalised notes for female sex workers on her visit to a charity home during her visit to Bristol.

Yet despite the risky conditions, which forced the Met Office to issue an amber warning for the area last night, Meghan and Harry chose to go ahead with their visit.

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The charity delivers care packages to sex workers, including food, condoms, blankets and hot water bottles, and gives the women advice and support on how to get off the streets.

During her outing in snowy Bristol on Friday, Meghan Markle admitted the chilly temps had her craving a relaxing yoga session. "It's lush", she said.

CEO Anna Smith said Meghan's gesture "really touched me".

Harry and Meghan will be taken on a guided tour of the revamped theatre which has been open for more than 250 years. "I think this will be the first generation that start talking about it".

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"The same thing happened to me", Harry told the boy in his private conversation, as was reported by People. She grew up to be the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up to star on the West End, so same life if you ask me.

"Little things like that when you are out - especially tonight if there's women out there, we can see the weather - just to get that little thing".

With excitement growing over their spring due date, royal watchers have noted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are making some untraditional choices, from their eco nursery, to Meghan's maternity wear choices with shorter hemlines.

Overjoyed at the fine gesture, Harry smiled at his pregnant wife and told her, "We can spar, we can train".

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