Mother and son 'tried to warn Apple of bug'

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If you and your mates are partial to a bit of FaceTime action every now and then, you might wanna hold off until Apple fixes its latest major bug.

A bug in Apple devices that let callers listen in on others' microphones without their knowledge has been disabled after political leaders, business leaders and a number of media reports put pressure on the tech giant as it works to permanently solve the issue.

A mother and son from Arizona tried to warn Apple about the eavesdropping FaceTime bug over a week ago. And Apple responded on Monday evening by turning off FaceTime Group Chatting from the server to effectively kill the bug and render FaceTime chatting useless until Apple launches a fix. You can listen in to soundbites of any iPhone user's ongoing conversation without them ever knowing that you could hear them.

On Jan. 19, Michele Thompson's son started a group FaceTime call with his friends to talk while playing the online game.

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It is activated when calling someone via FaceTime.

The flaw, first revealed by the 9to5Mac blog, appears to occur when both users are running version 12.1 of Apple's mobile operating system iOS, or newer.

Apple is aware of the issue and has taken Group FaceTime offline while it addresses it.

Apple has also recently been highlighting its credentials as a company that protects user privacy, using a large billboard overlooking the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas last month to declare "what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone".

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Here's how to disable the FaceTime bug on your iPhone.

If you're an iPhone user, you may want to disable the popular FaceTime app on your device.

Discovery of the flaw coincided with National Privacy Day in the United States, a day heralded by Apple boss Tim Cook. "The FaceTime bug is an egregious breach of privacy", Cuomo said in a statement, the New York Post reported. Meanwhile, in an iOS security overview document from a year ago, the company stated, "Only Apple can provide this comprehensive approach to security, because we create products with integrated hardware, software, and services".

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