Boy calls 911 for help with his math homework - and gets it

Emergency services help boy with homework 911 police dispatcher Antonia Bundy help a young caller with his homework

'I just have tons of homework,' boy tells 911 operator who...

According to the Lafayette Police Department, Antonia Bundy received a call from a young boy on January 14.

You had a bad day at school?

While the police department tweeted that it doesn't "recommend 911 for homework help", one of its sergeants told BuzzFeed News that Bundy was able to provide assistance because the dispatch center wasn't busy at the time.

During the phone call, the boy sounds completely defeated by the tough day he'd endured at school, prompting Bundy to ask him what happened. We're trained to help people in their worst time'. So, Bundy helped him solve a hard problem. "So it was something I was very happy I could help him with", she said. His problem was not the typical emergency Bundy normally deals with, but she still helped the boy out.

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He said that Bundy has worked with the police department since April 2016 and dispatchers often get unusual requests.

'But this situation of calling asking for homework help - I've been in law enforcement for 13 years and I don't know I've ever heard of this happening'.

Schoolboy: 'I had a really bad day and.I don't know'.

BUNDY: Oh, what subject do you have homework in?

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BUNDY: OK. So what are you learning in math?

"What's 3 by 4 plus 1 by 4?" the boy asks.

Antonia: 'Ok, and then it would be over 4 so then 4 over 4 is what?'

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