In a split Venezuela, who will get the military's loyalty?

Under pressure over video, Venezuela's Guaido says met officials

Venezuela allows US diplomats to stay, defusing showdown, as crisis continues

The news comes as Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Belgium threatened to recognize Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaido as the nation's interim president if elections aren't called within eight days.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro still hopes to establish communication and dialogue with U.S. President Donald Trump's administration, Venezuela's foreign minister told the United Nations Security Council on Saturday.

Tulsi Gabbard, who is running for president in 2020, tweeted, "The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela".

The US said last week it would use the "full weight" of US economic and diplomatic power to push for the restoration of Venezuela's democracy and backed Guaido when he declared himself interim president last Wednesday in a defiant speech before masses of anti-government demonstrators who took to the streets to demand Maduro's resignation.

"These appointments won't help him govern internally, since this can only happen when he's in power, but if it helps him organize support worldwide and send a message of power", said Luis Vicente Leon, president of the Caracas-based pollster Datanalisis.

Venezuela : Maduro appelle à maintenir "l'unité et la discipline" de l'armée
L'objectif de Guaido? Fissurer la loyauté de l'armée , principal soutien de Nicolas Maduro depuis son arrivée au pouvoir en 2013.

Mr Guaido declared himself acting president last week amid massive and deadly anti-government protests, claiming Mr Maduro was illegitimately elected for a second term.

Trump's top adviser, who has been branded the most fervent hawk in the administration, has admitted that Washington is heavily invested in political outcomes in Caracas particularly because of Venezuela's vast untapped oil reserves. He urged Pompeo to say whether the US will use military force.

Maduro earlier gave USA diplomats until late on Saturday to leave Venezuela.

The preferred outcome, Rubio said, is that Maduro leaves office and that within 30 to 45 days, Venezuela holds a new presidential election. "No one can give us an ultimatum", Maduro told CNN Turk in an interview dubbed into Turkish from Spanish. But for those on the hard edges of the American left, nothing has changed since the end of the Cold War: The U.S. continues to be the boogeyman, and Latin America continues to be a victim that lacks agency.

"Today I speak to the people of Venezuela, and especially to my brothers in the armed forces of the nation, to recognize President Juan Guaido as the only legitimate president", Silva said in the video.

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The country's foreign ministry issued a statement saying that far-left President Nicolas Maduro was suspending the expulsion of U.S. diplomats, to allow for a 30-day window to negotiate with American officials.

Washington on Saturday urged the world to "pick a side" on Venezuela and financially disconnect from Maduro's government. France, Germany and Spain threatened to follow the United States in recognizing Guaido as the true leader.

The Pope made the Venezuela comments after he closed out World Youth Day with a Mass in a Panama City field before an estimated 700,000 people and presidents from across the region.

Maduro's government has accused the United States of trying to engineer a "coup" and waging an "economic war" against it.

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