British PM Theresa May trying to break Brexit deadlock

TOUGH TIMES Pro Brexit supporters outside the Houses of Parliament London last week ahead of the House of Commons vote on UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal — which was defeated

Polish foreign minister proposes limiting backstop

"The Prime Minister has been clear on multiple occasions that we are committed to upholding the Good Friday Agreement in all its parts and to delivering a solution that avoids a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland".

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May is due to spell out to lawmakers on Monday what her plans are now for Brexit following the MPs' overwhelming rejection of the divorce deal agreed to by London and Brussels.

An amendment, previously adopted by the legislators, states that May has to work out a new plan of action in just 10 weeks, before the country is set to exit the European Union on 29 March 2019.

The vote in United Kingdom parliament later this month is a major hurdle for Brexit proceedings as headlines hint at a possible move by Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn that will give MP's the power to decide the fate of Brexit.

The newspaper continued: "Mr Grieve's proposal would temporarily suspend the government's historic right to dictate Commons business so that for one day MPs would be able to pass their own resolutions- and even legislation- on the way forward for Brexit".

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But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the prime minister was in denial about the level of opposition to her deal.

Hardline supporters of Brexit in May's Conservative party object above all to the fact that Britain can not unilaterally end the backstop, which would keep it in a customs union with the EU until an alternative way of ensuring an open border is found. Brussels says this provision is non-negotiable. There are others who think that what we need is more time, so they say we should extend Article 50 to give longer for parliament to debate how we should leave and what a deal should look like.

Some MPs saw the wording as a significant shift in narrowing Labour's choices for what it will eventually support in the Commons.

In the meantime, members are presenting amendments that could force the government to avoid a no-deal Brexit or even consider a second referendum on European Union membership.

As "taking No Deal off the table" is a cross-party priority, former Labour minister Yvette Cooper's amendment crafted by Nick Boles would delay Article 50, thereby averts No Deal at the end of March.

She told parliament she could not take a "no-deal" Brexit off the table as there was no approved alternative yet, and that the European Union would be unlikely to postpone Britain's exit date - determined by the "Article 50" withdrawal notice - without an exit plan.

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"There is widespread concern about possibility of the United Kingdom leaving without a deal".

Mr Duncan Smith said that plans to allow backbenchers to create legislation would create "mayhem" in the Commons and that anybody who believed the House could act as a government negotiating a trade deal was "living in cloud cuckoo land".

Coveney said that stance was confirmed by the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, that the bloc wouldn't renegotiate a deal that took two years to finalize. "I remember the customs checks, I remember the 24-hour rule, I remember seeing soldiers, and I never want to see any of that ever again".

"The Irish government will not support the re-emergence of a border", he said, adding that without the backstop it becomes "very, very difficult".

"The #GFA is an worldwide peace treaty, lodged with the @UN - it also has a mandate of 94% in Ireland and 71% in Northern Ireland".

The Prime Minister is focused on making changes the the backstop to ensure no hard border emerges on Ireland, according to a Downing Street spokesman.

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