A 'Fortnite' security flaw could have exposed players' accounts

Fortnite is so big, criminals are now using it to launder stolen money

Hackers May Have Accessed Your Fortnite Account

Epic Games takes these issues seriously, as chargebacks and fraud put our players and our business at risk. Facebook on the other hand, which just past year had hackers steal security tokens for 30 million of its users, wasn't so lucky. While it doesn't appear that it would've helped in this particular situation, Epic Games are keen to encourage players to enable two-factor authentication which adds a layer of security to your account by way of a PIN that is sent to your phone or device.

Normally, the authentication token is sent to Fortnite over the back-end.

The publisher of smash-hit online game Fortnite has closed a trio of serious vulnerabilities unearthed by researchers from security vendor Check Point.

Check Point has notified Epic Games of the vulnerability which has now been fixed.

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Pour mémoriser vos différents mots de passe , vous pouvez utiliser un gestionnaire de mots de passe comme 1Password ou LastPass. Hunt dit avoir été alerté de la circulation de Collection 1 sur un " populaire forum de piratage " par de multiples individus.

To fall victim, users needed only to click on a crafted phishing link fraudulently coming from an Epic Games domain. "Once clicked, with no need even for them to enter any login credentials, their Fortnite username and password could immediately be captured the attacker". The provider complies and the attacker gets the token.

The attack manipulates Fortnite's login process to capture usernames and passwords. However, it is hard to confirm this because of the numerous login stealing attack targeting Fortnite over the past year.

The Check Point researchers said that organizations with customer-facing online portals must carry out proper validation checks on the login pages they ask their users to access. This is a concept that was seen in other games before but Epic seemed to flawless it.

Epic Games, the makers of the insanely popular Fortnite game have silently patched a vulnerability on their infrastructure that would have allowed hackers to gain access to users' accounts with incredible ease. They would also have access to all the user's in-game contacts as well as listen in on conversations taking place during game play, the blog said. But roughly 80 million people play Fortnite every month, and as many as 200 million users have registered accounts, the company has previously said.

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According to a joint investigation from The Independent and cyber security firm Sixgill, Fortnite's premium currency, V-Bucks, is being used to launder money.

The criminals then use the dark web to sell the V-Bucks in bulk at discounted prices, while small quantities of the currency are available on the open web via adverts placed on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Fortnite, the game, has an estimated userbase count of almost 125 million gamers.

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