Mayor de Blasio calls on City Council to pass paid-vacation proposal

Richard B. Levine  Newscom

Richard B. Levine Newscom

The plan will strengthen the city's existing public health insurance option, MetroPlus, and create a new program called NYC Care that guarantees those who are ineligible for insurance have access to services, including primary care and specialist doctors, pharmacies, mental health and substance abuse programs. Some Americans want to see the health initiative replicated nationwide.

In his inaugural speech on Monday, California's new Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to establish a similar program to the one unveiled by NY. "To be the fairest big city in America, New Yorkers can't be forced to choose between bringing home a paycheck and taking time off to just disconnect or spend time with loved ones - that choice ends with paid personal time. Today we celebrate our city's relentless commitment to accessible, high-quality health care".

"There's plenty of money in this city", the mayor said during his hour-long speech. NYC Care will launch in summer 2019 and will roll out geographically, starting in the Bronx.

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Those proposals, along with those for universal health care and guaranteed paid leave are still only that - proposals.

The mayor says NY would become the first American city to require paid vacation for workers.

The mandate would have to be passed by the City Council, a process that could take several months.

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The mayor plans to pursue legislation that would require private employers with five or more employees to provide employees with up to 10 days of paid time off per year. The number of required days off would be pro-rated for part-time workers.

The announcement follows the creation of other municipal offices dedicated to tenant issues in recent years, including the Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force and the Department of Buildings' Office of Tenant Advocate, the latter of which was signed into law in 2017, but did not become operational until June of last year, according to a quarterly report. City Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn) has indicated that he will be the lead sponsor on the on the bill. "For too many New Yorkers, they live in..." "Well-connected developers should not be getting sweetheart deals on the taxpayers' dime".

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