Chromecast Audio Still $15 Because It's Been Discontinued

The Chromecast Audio let you hook up just about any audio device to the cast ecosystem through a 3.5mm jack. RIP

Enlarge The Chromecast Audio let you hook up just about any audio device to the cast ecosystem through a 3.5mm jack. RIP

Citing a lack of need for the dongle in light of all the connected smart speakers now on offer, 9to5 Google reports the least popular member of the Chromecast family will cease production.

The regular Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra still serve as great video streaming products, but when it comes to audio, the main focus is now on Google Assistant-powered devices like the Google Home and Home Mini. As nice as the Google Home Max is, it's no replacement for a proper set of hi-fi speakers.

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Because manufacturing has ended and Google has sold out of its stock, customers will no longer be able to get the Chromecast Audio through Google itself.

Sarah Tew/CNET "Our product portfolio continues to evolve, and now we have a variety of products for users to enjoy audio".

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Suspicions were raised in a Reddit post by someone who had ordered a Chromecast Audio, and then a Google spokesperson confirmed to Android Police that the dongle had reached the end of the road after a little over three years.

Until now, Google didn't make any announcements regarding the fate of Chromecast Audio. Though originally priced at $35, Google recently slashed the cost to only $15 each. Once the stock of the Chromecast Audio finished at any retailer, it wasn't replenished.

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I use Chromecast Audio all the time, so I'm a bit confused by this: It's how I was able to combine an cheap pair of studio monitor speakers ($99) with a Chromecast Audio ($35) and achieve better sound quality than Sonos at just one-third the cost: A pair of Sonos One speakers cost $380.

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