Samsung unveils "The Wall", a 219-inch television

CES: Samsung Reveals Massive New 8K TV

Samsung goes big with a 219-inch TV

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung introduced its massive "The Wall" television set, or screen, or whatever.

The company is touting the tech as the next step in having large televisions that don't dominate the interior design of a room.

According to CNN, the television uses MicroLED technology, which is supposed to create a brighter image using less energy.

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Every major TV manufacturer shows their newest, biggest, and most advanced screens at CES, whether they plan to tell them in the spring, in a few years, or not at all.

However, the company was able to shrink the TV down to a "more home-friendly" 75-inch, modular version.

The TV is called "the wall".

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The Wall can also be used to display photos or artwork when not in use.

The second publicly released version of "The Wall", the 219-inch TV screen is a Micro LED TV which doesn't come in one piece.

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