Fantastic Four DLC content coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel Future Fight- Fantastic Four Update

Something 'Fantastic' is heading to Marvel's Spider-Man

Spider-Man's final piece of DLC in The City That Never Sleeps trilogy, Silver Lining, released just before the new year.

While there will be several more announcements coming in the next few days, there was a Spider-Man tease towards the end of the live stream today that confirms that something Fantastic Four-related will indeed be coming to Insomniac's open-world action game on PS4 "very soon". Along with these six new characters, Crystal and She-Hulk - existing Marvel Future Fight characters who have been friends and former members of the Fantastic Four team - will all receive new Fantastic Four uniforms. Here's what Marvel's Ryan Penagos had to say on the subject.

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Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games has only retweeted Marvel's tweet with the "eyes emoji". This suit sees Spidey donning a spare Fantastic Four outfit and a paper bag over his face and has previously been seen in other Spider-Man games.

The best bet is maybe a costume change or perhaps the addition of the Baxter Building to the NY skyline. Not only that, we get the infamous Doctor Doom and his champion of Latveria, Victorious!

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What the content is going to be is ultimately up in the air though, but let's hope it will be something that actually ties the Fantastic Four to this universe and confirms that they exist here, rather than a throwaway reference or Easter egg.

So although we don't know the what's, where's and when's of this new addition, we can make educated guesses that it could be a DLC adventure add-on, maybe a new suit for Parker, or some third thing.

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