Venom Sequel Swings Into Development With Writer Kelly Marcel

A Venom sequel is officially in the works

‘Venom’ Sequel in Works With Kelly Marcel Returning to Pen Script (EXCLUSIVE)

Say what you like about Venom - and the internet at large has, both for and against - but the Tom Hardy-starring comic book anti-hero movie made almost $1 billion at the worldwide box office. It might not have been exactly critically acclaimed, but it definitely had its fans and there's a lot to admire in what Tom Hardy did with the character. Marcel co-wrote the first film, which starred Tom Hardy as the down-on-his-luck journalist who crosses paths with an interstellar parasite.

A sequel to 2018's Venom has been in the gestation stage since the comic book spin-off became a semi-surprise smash, defying expectations that it was too weird (or simply not good) to make Aquaman money.

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Those who stayed through until the credits will already be aware of the most important addition to the next movie in the form of an unexpected but ideal casting choice. Pre-production is still in the larval stage, but Michelle Williams is expected to return, and Woody Harrelson has been courted to play Carnage, the villain who will fight the film's own villain-ish anti-hero. He has a number of projects lined up, and is making Zombieland 2 at present. The first film was helmed by Reuben Fleischer.

Comic book fans seemed to react to Venom with a series of exasperated shrugs, but here's the thing-the casual, theatergoing public really didn't hate the film almost as much as the comic geeks among us implied that they did.

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Let's hope that the sequel pushes the bonkers agenda even more.

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