Samsung Reveals New MicroLED Displays

SPresident and head of Samsung's visual display business Jonghee Han at CES 2019

SPresident and head of Samsung's visual display business Jonghee Han at CES 2019

Micro LED displays should offer high levels of brightness, deep blacks, and wide color gamuts.

Actually, this is not really a new product as the company did something similar at last year's CES, introducing a 146-inch Micro LED display by unveiling The Wall.

Featuring leading-edge self-emissive technology and modular capabilities, Samsung's Micro LED displays deliver unparalleled picture quality, versatility and design.

At a press event at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Sunday, Samsung unveiled its newest Micro LED 4K TV display - a screen almost half the size as "The Wall", which the company showed off a year ago at CES 2018. It features a new 75-inch display and it is sticking on a massive 219-inch The Wall.

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The Wall's micro LED technology, which relies on millions of RGB microscopic LED chips, is also starting to make its way into more affordable, consumer-size TVs.

Since there are no bezels between the modules, The Wall displays are completely bezel-free.

Despite the addition of more modules, Micro LED displays pledge to increase picture resolution, whilst keeping pixel density constant.

These displays can also optimize the content regardless of the size and shape of the screen. So they don't break a sweat while supporting standard 16:9 to 21:9 aspect ratios and unconventional aspect ratios like 32:9 and 1:1 without any compromise in picture quality.

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Thanks to the modular nature of Micro LED, this technology offers flexibility in screen size that allows users to customize it to fit any room or space. The result is a seamless, stunning infinity pool effect that allows the display to elegantly blend into any living environment.

Samsung has just revealed its latest innovation called Micro LED during its annual First Look CES event at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Samsung's new display tech joins the company's new monitors lineup aimed at workplaces and gaming enthusiasts.

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