Federal agencies told to hold off pay raises

Mike Pence and others get sweetheart pay raises while Trump stiffs federal workers: report

The Vice President is Poised to Get a Raise This Year

Cabinet secretaries making $199,700 per year will see their pay jump to $210,700 annually; deputy secretaries will see an increase from $179,700 to $189,600. The impasse centers around more than $5 billion Trump wants to fund a physical wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., called the raises "outrageous" in a statement and called on McConnell to allow a Senate vote on the House measure, reopen government and provide retroactive pay to affected federal employees. The Senior Executives Association, an organization that represents the highest-earning career government officials, estimates that the pay bump will cost taxpayers $300 million over 10 years.

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When Congress failed to fund the government on December 21, however, kicking off the partial government shutdown, they also failed to renew the pay freeze holding back the raises, the Post said Friday.

The pending raises were a effect of the budget impasse and government shutdown: When the budget deal lapsed, so did an existing pay freeze for senior federal officials. We will issue separate guidance regarding whether this pay freeze will be continued or terminated. Pence committed to doing so. But he acknowledged lifting it now "is definitely a slap in the face" to the rest of the federal workforce.

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In 2013, Congress voted to impose a pay freeze on federal executives. The workers have gone without pay since the shutdown began December 22. But he has also said he doesn't expect the shutdown to last long, The Hill reported. With some agencies unstaffed during the partial government shutdown, some executives will earn larger wages right away while others will have to wait for the government to reopen. "It certainly smells fishy, just as the federal workforce is being furloughed". But when government funding was allowed to expire on 21 December 2018, leading to the partial government shutdown, the pay cap expired as well.

But as furor arose over the pending pay raises, Weichert issued new guidance late Friday night, telling federal departments and agencies to hold off on any raises for the top officials "until appropriations legislation is enacted that would clarify the status of the freeze".

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This article was written by Lisa Rein and Peter Whoriskey, reporters for The Washington Post.

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