Brazilian president says United States military base may be established in Brazil

Brazil's President Open To Possibility Of U.S. Military Base, Expresses Russia Concerns

Brazilian president says US military base may be established in Brazil

Brazil's government ordered troops to the northeast of the country on Friday (Jan 4) to contain violence by criminal groups in the first test of new far-right President Jair Bolsonaro's hardline law-and-order platform.

Brazil's new President Jair Bolsonaro said that he would be open to the possibility of the United States operating a military base on his country's soil, a move that would form a sharp shift in direction for Brazilian foreign policy.

During the final days of former president Michel Temer's government last month, the Finance Ministry was notified of the merger, with a period of 30 days to contest the legality of it.

Founded in 1969, Embraer is a world leader in regional aircraft manufacturing.

On Friday, asked by journalists in Brasilia about his openness to hosting a US base, Bolsonaro said: "I have the American people as a friend".

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Bolsonaro, who said he is a fan of President Donald Trump, said he supports US policy with regard to opposing the "authoritarian regimes" of left-wing governments in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

A visit to Venezuela by two Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers in December infuriated the USA government and alarmed Brazil's military.

Brazil's prison gangs have a reach far beyond the country's jails, which have the world's third largest population behind the United States and China, with almost 730,000 inmates in 2016.

Around half of the people robbed were tourists from Europe, South America and Asia, as reported by Merco Press.

"We have to worry about our security and our sovereignty", he said, adding: "I consider the American people our friends".

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Much of that task falls to Brazilian Minister of Justice Sergio Moro, a former star judge who headed up Operation Car Wash, an investigation into Brazil's biggest-ever corruption scandal.

Prison authorities in the state have blocked mobile phone signals inside jails and ended a policy of separating inmates by gang affiliation. Critics blasted the proposal, saying that it will result in immediate and bloody prison uprisings.

"The legislative, executive and judicial powers have to make this commitment urgently", he tweeted. Last year, almost 64,000 were killed, many from firearms.

According to World Prison Brief, Brazil has more than 700,000 people behind bars - the third-highest prison population worldwide after the U.S. and China.

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