Fake package covers porch pirates in glitter and fart spray

Some Bloke Made A Glitter Fart Bomb To Get Revenge On Xmas Package Thieves

Ex-NASA Engineer's Fart-Laced 'Glitter Bomb' Stuns Package Thieves

Mark was able to see the actual moment the thief opened the package IN HIS CAR!

Rober explains that earlier this year, he was notified about a package that had been delivered, but when he went to get it, it wasn't there.

"I felt like something needs to be done to take a stand against dishonest punks like this", said Rober in his video entitled "Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap."The video, which was sponsored by NordVPN, has so far received more than 4 million views since being posted on December 17, 2018". If so, then it will explode.

Some Bloke Made A Glitter Fart Bomb To Get Revenge On Xmas Package Thieves

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He worked with friend Sean Hodgins to design the device, which took about six months, USA Today reported. The best part is that Rober used cameras and Global Positioning System technology to recover the device and use it over and over again, all while recording thieves' reactions.

"It was stolen on several occasions and re-set to explode and capture the footage every time".

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When former NASA engineer Mark Rober fell victim to thieves, he contacted police, but they said there wasn't much they could do. To top it off, the fart spray is programmed to emit gross odors five times, which prompts package thieves to immediately toss it.

Rober's viral YouTube video, posted Monday, covers the development of his clever boxes of whoop-ass, but the best part is watching them detonate on real suspects.

"The moral of the story is just don't take other peoples" stuff, Rober said in the video. You never know what you'll get.

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BYU: According to KSL-TV's Heather Kelly, Rober is a BYU graduate.

Stealing a package from someone's front door is a reprehensible and apparently very common crime. The rate there was 18.34 per 1,000 people. Those three cities include Austin, Salt Lake City and Seattle-Tacoma.

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