Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Off To Record-Breaking Start In Japan

Police Smash Bros Img

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate breaks the series' launch sales record in Japan

Jovante M. Williams arrived at his friends' apartment at the same time that police were arriving.

The new Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo Switch is off to a fast start, at least in Japan.

Williams is familiar with the area, "We're not trouble".

Reggie Reacts to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Nintendo Minute
Ultimate has arrived, and hopefully, it'll iron out some of the many kinks players have had with the game's online portion so far. Preferred rules will now be prioritised during Super Smash Bros Ultimate matchmaking.

Ultimate was a great opportunity for Nintendo to do just that. Noise complaints from the neighbors culminated in the police visit.

As a fighting game, a smooth connection with an instant response to player actions is quite important, but Smash Bros.

Since his suspension from Overwatch in late November, xQc has been trying out a wide variety of games, from Minecraft to Dark Souls 2, and made a decision to try out Smash Ultimate when it came out.

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Ultimate update 1.2.0 (via Nintendo Everything) will drop in the next week or so, and current replays won't be compatible with this version of the game.

What could easily have been a tense encounter with law enforcement, however, took a turn for the wholesome when one officer asked Williams and his friends what they were playing. And two of them literally raised their hand and walked up.

This makes sense on a technical level - in-game replays are stored as a series of button inputs, with the game recreating the match when you watch the replay back.

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