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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Gets a Thumbs Up After Testimony

Why Googling the word 'idiot' brings up pictures of Donald Trump

The word "idiot" quickly became the most searched term on Google after Democrat congresswoman Zoe Lofgren pointed out results from the search reveal pictures of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Every year, Google Trends publishes its "Year in Search" to highlight the past year's most popular Google searches.

Speaking in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Pichai explained that the company doesn't "manually intervene" in search results, and instead search results are based on crawling the content of web pages.

Sundar Pichai’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee
Sundar Pichai’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee

It was about this time a year ago, when, Google searches for bitcoins had overtaken searches related to Donald Trump and had ranked in two categories globally- both the in general news searches and "how to buy Bitcoin". "Can Google track me when I move?" The value of Bitcoin has fallen by almost half since the middle of November, and over 80% since the end of a year ago.

But Rep. Lamar Smith wasn't buying that Google had nothing to do with it and asked Pichai whether he had ever directed any employees to manipulate search results.

Republicans allege that Google's search results are biased and that Democrats who work at Google choose liberal websites over conservative views for prime placement on Google services like Google search. According to him "FOMO", the acronym for fear of missing out is going to drive the market up because crypto assets will gain more mainstream acceptance.

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According to Google Trends, "idiot" is now the number one most searched for term in the US.

"It's nearly getting to the point where they are allowing it or even condoning it".

The amount of data Google collects from your device allows it to recognize you and provide custom search results even when you switch to an "incognito" browser, Weinberg added.

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Governments around the world are becoming increasingly unnerved by the power being amassed by major technology companies - with the dominance of Facebook in social networking, Google in search and Amazon in e-commerce raising the most concerns.

In a statement to Observer, Google said Weinberg's conclusion and the methodology of DuckDuckGo's study was flawed because it was based on the assumption that personalization is the only factor leading to different search results.

Momentum is building in Congress for legislation to put stricter limits and privacy protections around the big tech companies' collection of data.

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