Russia's state-of-the-art robot exposed as man in costume

A ‘Robot’ At A Youth Forum In Russia Was Actually Just Some Guy In A Suit

‘Dancing robot’ at Russian tech fair exposed as human in costume

The apparently cutting edge robot was featured on Russian state television on Tuesday ahead of the Proyektoria technology forum, a youth-focused event held in the city of Yaroslavl some 150 miles from Moscow.

They used footage of him dancing and speaking as a means to praise Russian technological prowess.

Online outlet TJournal noted the lack of sensors, human-like movements and other discrepancies. But bloggers in Russian Federation soon began to raise questions about the robot called "Boris", The Guardian notes.

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But uh, people noticed the suit's heaps visible neckline when pics emerged on social media.

Russian website TJournal asked how such an advanced robot had been developed so quickly with no studies being published, why it appeared to have no external sensors, and why it was the flawless size for a human to fit inside. According to The Guardian, the "Alyosha the Robot" costume retails for about $3,800.

In the report, the robot also appeared to speak in a metallic voice as lights flashed on its face in different colours, saying: "I'm good at maths but now I want to study art and musical composition". "The design and technical performance of this suit create the nearly complete illusion that this is a real robot, and everyone will want a selfie with it", the manufacturer claims.

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In its report, a channel anchor said it was "entirely possible one of these [students] could dedicate himself to robotics".

As the "machine" danced on stage, a presenter had said: "At the forum there's the opportunity to see state-of-the-art robots".

If this robot is what Russian Federation 24 reported, it would be an astonishing advance in robotics and a huge leap into the uncanny valley.

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