Russia’s most modern robot just a man in suit

The Russian Robot Known as'Boris Has Been Revealed to Be a Human in a $3,800 Costume

‘Hi-tech robot’ shown off on Russian technology show unmasked as man in suit

The $3,700 robot suit has a built-in voice transducer, speakers, a microphone, built-in tablet with front camera, LED illumination, monochrome illumination of the eyes and mouth, which responds to the voice or Robot Alyosha. The British "Guardian" reported on Wednesday.

According to reports, a photograph published by MBKh Media, a news agency founded by Vladimir Putin's opponent Mikhail Khodorkovsky, appeared to show an actor wearing the suit ahead of the annual Proyektoria technology forum, where "Boris" was displayed.

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A high-tech Russian robot that could even dance turned out to be a man inside a robot suit. You missing Sensors on the device and wondered about unnecessary movements while Dancing.

Whether the journalists held at the TV channel Russia-24 the robot is actually for real or calculus acted, however, cannot say. The TV station's praise for the "robot" was preserved on YouTube, and Russian bloggers and journalists were immediately suspicious when the footage first aired. It was clear that if the robot was real it would be one of the most advanced examples of robotics in the world.

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Some googling by skeptics revealed Boris the robot to be the Alyosha robot costume, which its maker Show Robots describes as able to create "an nearly complete illusion that you have a real robot".

Well, now that we've gotten to the bottom of this Boris mystery, it's time to start working on what exactly that Russian mech walker thing is, and whether that's real.

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For observers in doubt as to the authenticity of the robot came quickly.

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