YouTube Rewind 2018 becomes site’s most disliked video

					At least You Tube has a clear-cut direction to avoid for next year's Rewind

YouTube At least You Tube has a clear-cut direction to avoid for next year's Rewind

In just one week, YouTube's 2018 Rewind - a recap of "the videos, music and trends that defined YouTube in 2018" - has become the most disliked video ever on YouTube. The current dislike count is sitting at 10 million, which is more than five times the views that the original Rewind has received in the eight years since its release, in 2010.

Bieber's "Baby" long held the crown for most disliked video.

Like it or not, YouTube and mainstream media continue to merge - mostly because that's the way YouTube wants it.

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Aside from the fact that the rewinds have become less of a fun mashup and more of a frenetically edited vehicle crash, YouTuber Marques Brownlee offered this concise summary: There's a fundamental disconnect between how creators and audiences see YouTube Rewind versus how YouTube sees YouTube Rewind. But that came after an initial, forceful, negative reaction from many creators and their fans when the video came out.

And that's because Rewind, particularly this year, has distilled an ongoing and increasing tension between some of the bigger factions of YouTube culture and YouTube as a corporate entity. The 2018 Rewind video, on the other hand, was released earlier this month.

Creators and audiences think - rightfully so - that YouTube should be about them. For instance, 2012's video was basically just a dance party to Psy's Gangnam Style and Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe.

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That's changed over time. "As YouTube starts to grow and expand", Brownlee said, "they started seeing YouTube Rewind as a place to showcase all the best stuff that happens on YouTube for advertisers".

At least YouTube has a clear-cut direction to avoid for next year's Rewind. This is even more ironic considering the theme of this year's Rewind - "Everyone Controls Rewind". The entire video is framed as a Fortnite-filled dream by Will Smith. Not a very big moment, we are guessing!

While the message those 'Tubers who did appear seemed to be a fairly positive one - celebrating the diversity of the communities on the platform - there's no doubt that, for many, it rang hollow with the exclusion of the actual big events and people who made up the bulk of YouTube's biggest stories this year.

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