May tours Europe in desperate bid to save Brexit deal

May calls off MPs' vote on her Brexit deal | Bangkok Post: news

A look at Brexit as UK prime minister cancels...

If no deal is secured, Britain will still have to leave the European Union on March 29 with the government warning a no-deal Brexit will be hugely damaging to the economy.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday morning, Juncker told MEPs that the Brexit deal was "the only deal possible", and that "there is no room whatsoever for renegotiation".

Even if no deal is secured, Britain is still on course to leave the European Union on March 29 - a scenario the government has warned will be hugely damaging to the economy.

Theresa May will bring her Brexit deal back before the House of Commons "before January 21", Downing Street has announced.

A key part of the Brexit negotiations was about the border that separates Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Despite the odds mounting against her, May remained defiant.

Her removal - and it is not clear whether she would lose the vote of the whole party in parliament if the required number of letters had been received - could further complicate Brexit. The Prime Minister and Prime Minister Rutte agreed to work together to find a way through. Last year, May triggered the two-year countdown to departure for March 29, 2019. But many Brexit supporters say that would be a betrayal.

"The only net result of this round of capitals will be an additional amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere", he said.

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Explaining why she had waited until the last minute to pull the vote, when the parliamentary arithmetic had been obvious for well over a month, her Cabinet ally explained that she had been too busy to think about the problem until the weekend, when she was able to go to her country retreat with her husband, Philip, and chew the matter over.

"For as long as we fail to agree a deal, the risk of an accidental no deal increases", she told MPs.

"The deal we have achieved is the best deal possible, it's the only deal possible".

It adds: 'You admitted in the House that you are running from a heavy defeat on your deal in the House of Commons.

Labour MPs shouted "Resign!"

The pound fell to a new 20-month low of $1.2490, down more than half a percent on the day, after earlier trading above $1.26.

"If we will the ends, we must also will the means", she said.

"If we want to avoid a no-deal Brexit next March we need to go back to the drawing board to ensure that United Kingdom parliament has that democratic capability that it is demanding, quite rightly".

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That is due to the fact MPs won the right to determine what happens if the vote is lost - a massive blow to her authority and putting her in the hands of a bitter House of Commons where no party has a majority.

But although the Prime Minister has bought herself some time, MPs of all parties are not convinced she will be able to win significant concessions on her European travels.

Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform (CER) suggested May would only secure "very minor changes to her deal".

According to two sources, Merkel told her own German conservative parliamentary group on Tuesday that there would be no further negotiations on Brexit but efforts were being made to give Britain reassurances. "Time for serious and profound reflection by both parliament and people".

May held talks with European counterparts on Tuesday over the so-called "backstop plan" for the Irish border as she attempts to drum up support.

The Brexit agreement's most controversial propositions pertain to the future of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens residing in the EU, the framework of bilateral EU-UK trade relations, and the "regulatory regime proposed for Northern Ireland". If no deal is reached then the backstop comes into play.

May's 200 to 117 win over her rebel Conservative MPs was closer than expected, but means she can not face another no-confidence challenge from within her party for 12 months, giving her some breathing space as she attempts to tweak her deal and get it through parliament. We will have the ability to strike trade deals with other countries around the world, opening up the opportunities even further for businesses to export and grow internationally.

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