Rockstar Is Giving Out Free Red Dead Online Gold And Money

Red Dead Online economy tweaks

Here are all the new weapon prices in Red Dead Online after the December 6 update

Since its phased launch beginning on November 27th, players have been flooding the plains of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta with varying degrees of success.

Much of the criticism of Red Dead Online has been based on the pricing of in-game weapons and other items.

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There will undoubtedly be more updates and changes to Red Dead Online as Rockstar figures out what works and what doesn't in the game, but the recent economy updates are the most major so far. If you already purchased a weapon that's getting a price cut, the difference will automatically be refunded to your balance by December 10.

The recent changes have been well received by the Red Dead community, who complained about the low sell prices compared to how expensive items were in Red Dead Online.

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Rockstar has also assured players that they're working hard to iron out some of the wrinkles from the experience, including addressing bugs that lead to players being kicked from sessions, with the hope these fixes will arrive in the coming week. There has been a lot of feedback about the Beta, good and bad.

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