Indonesia To Introduce Boeing 737 MAX Simulator Requirements

Indonesia To Introduce Boeing 737 MAX Simulator Requirements

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"In the past there was three hours of computer based training", air transportation director general Polana Banguningsih Pramesti told reporters, in reference to requirements for pilots switching from older versions of the 737.

In India, Jet Airways and SpiceJet have Max aircraft.

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The former pilots, one of them a certified instructor, said the DGCA's recommendation could not be implemented as of now in India as there was neither a simulator for this variant of the 737 aircraft, nor could the set of conditions - that investigators suspect led to the Lion Air crash - be simulated on the available simulator. But US pilot unions have said a software upgrade was not included in training or manuals and that it changed the behaviour of some controls in a way that could confuse pilots.

The last flight before the crash of Lion Air's Max 8 (registration PK-LQP) was from Bali to Jakarta on Sunday. Boeing did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

"While so far the Max in India have not given any cause for concern, we have asked the two airlines to report about any issue with MCAS on their Max to us and we are doing a daily monitoring", the official was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

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Operator to issue instructions to crew to divert to nearest suitable airport in the event of MCAS defect in flight.

Indonesia's transport safety committee, in its preliminary report, criticised the decision by a crew on the same jet the evening before the crash to continue to their destination rather than diverting the flight after the MCAS system activated.

MCAS is a kind of stall-recovery system that is used in Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and generally alerts the pilot in case there is stalling of the plane or fall in speed, among others. "Verification flight (without passengers) to be done after rectification before undertaking any commercial flight if the aircraft had any MCAS related snag in flight", the DGCA official said.

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Reuters on Monday reported Lion Air was reviewing Boeing airplane purchases and had not ruled out cancelling orders as relations worsen in a spat over responsibility for the crash, according to sources.

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