Dog that survived California wildfire guarded home for weeks

Dog that survived California wildfire guarded home for weeks

Dog that survived California wildfire guarded home for weeks

A most loyal doggo has been reunited with his owner at their burned down home, just shy of a month after it fell to the devastating Californian wildfires.

Ms Shayla Sullivan, a volunteer with the rescue organisation, had already helped locate Madison's brother Miguel in a different city.

Andrea Gaylord of Paradise, the town all but lost to the blaze, was among those who had to flee, leaving behind her two dogs, blond shepherd brothers Madison and Miguel.

K9 Paw Print Rescue shared the story on Facebook, saying that Madison's owners were unable to get home to him when the Camp Fire spread.

California's most destructive fire on record happened last month
California's most destructive fire on record happened last month

She put out fresh food and water at the property and scouted social media to see if he would turn up somewhere.

After she was notified about Madison, an animal rescuer named Shayla Sullivan went to the scorched property to check on the dog, an Anatolian shepherd, several times before the pup's owners were able to return. In the meantime, Sullivan left food and water out for Madison until she could lure him back home.

Andrea Gaylord, Madison's owner, had requested that animal rescuers look for Madison on the property, the Associated Press reported.

The Camp Fire killed at least 85 people, burned through 153,336 acres and destroyed 18,804 homes and businesses.

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Sullivan said she initially found the couple's other dog Miguel and reunited them, but Madison remained in the canyons guarding territory, making him harder to catch. "Imagine the loyalty of hanging in through the worst of circumstances and being here waiting", she told the station.

But Madison kept faith that she would come back, looking after the remains of the property.

"He had stayed to protect what was left of his home, and never gave up on his people", Sullivan wrote on Facebook.

K9 Paw Print Rescue shared the happy story of golden retriever Madison and his relieved owners in a Facebook post on December 5, shared more than 9,500 times. 'I'm so happy I'm crying as I write this! "He didn't give up through the storms or the fire".

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"Their instinctual job is to watch the flocks and we're part of them", Gaylord said about her dogs.

"You could never ask for better animals", Gayford said through tears "You are the best dog!".

She added "it's a comforting feeling" to know their dogs were that protective of the family home.

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