Woman dies from brain-eating amoeba after using neti pot

Woman Uses Neti Pot, Ends Up With Brain-Eating Amoeba

Neti pot Seattle death: Doctors issue warning after brain infection ki

During surgery at John Hopkins Hospital to remove the lesions, doctors ultimately determined she had an "amoebic infection".

"There were these amoebae all over the place just eating brain cells". The report states she used tap water that had been filtered by a Brita water purifier.

Three types of amoebas have been identified as causing fatal brain infections, according to Jennifer Cope, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's unit that focuses on foodborne, waterborne and environmental diseases.

But when Cobbs operated to remove the mass, "it was just dead brain tissue", making it hard to determine what it actually was.

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She was advised to try and flush out her sinuses and nasal cavity using water.

Unlike N. fowleri, B. mandrillaris is much more hard to detect, according to the report. After experiencing an intense seizure and an apparent loss of brain cognition, doctors started to investigate the possibility of the problem being in her brain.

Rather than filling up the neti pot with saline or sterile water as is recommended she used tap water filtered through a store-bough filter, researchers found. It was declared a distinct species in 1993, according to the report.

Normally, an extra effort is required to bring on an infection; it can not be contracted by drinking contaminated water.

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Unfortunately, this woman became one of these fatalities, dying just one month after the surgery. That aligns with what the victim experienced, as her first likely symptom was a red sore on her nose that doctors kept misdiagnosing as the common skin condition rosacea.

In 2011, Louisiana health officials warned residents not to use nonsterilized tap water in neti pots after the deaths of two people who were exposed to Naegleria fowleri while flushing their nasal passages. Then the numbness began on her left side. "Repeat CT imaging demonstrated further hemorrhage into the original resection cavity".

Cobbs: "This is an extraordinarily unusual disease that has only been reported a few hundred times in the world. At this point, the family made a decision to withdraw support", the report continued.

The patient died about a month after finally receiving the correct diagnosis. In healthy people with good immune systems, an infection is extremely rare. We believe that the neti pot she was using probably had gotten contaminated.

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"For all intents and purposes, it looked like a tumor", said senior case report author Dr. Charles Cobbs, a neurosurgeon at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.

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