Google Assistant gets personalized audio news briefings

Google Assistant is getting a lot smarter thanks to audio news

Google Assistant is Getting AI-Powered Audio News

Google is working on providing smartphone and smart speaker owners with a radio-style, on-demand audio news feed that will be customised thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology.

Google is now searching the options they got for the future of audio news on Assistant with Google News and publications around the world.

28 cocktails Molotov et 3 bombes artisanales saisies à Montauban — "Gilets jaunes"
C'est une découverte qui laisse craindre le pire pour cette nouvelle journée de mobilisation des Gilets jaunes demain. 28 cocktails Molotov et 3 bombes artisanales ont été découverts par la police ce vendredi.

Google will curate news from a number of major outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and USA Today. It relies on single-topic stories segmented out from newscasts or shows - to contribute to the audio news feed.

Google wants to make sure that Google Assistant is your go-to source for just about everything it possibly can be, and news delivery certainly falls in that purview. And if you don't like what's playing, you can always ask the Assistant to jump to the next story.

Funérailles de George Bush : Donald Trump ignore royalement les Clinton (vidéo)
Le président républicain et son épouse ont salué sans effusion les Obama, assis juste à côté, mais pas les Clinton et Carter. Donald Trump a ainsi tenu à prêter son avion présidentiel pour transporter le cercueil depuis le Texas jusqu'à Washington .

Google Assistant will also be ready with updated audio news when you access it again throughout the day, whether it be during your commute home or on a jog, she added. From there, longer-form content is provided to dive deeper into developning stories. The new feature is available in English right now.

In order to further advance this feature, Google built an open specification which publishers can take advantage of in order to deliver their content to more listeners.

Satellite images show activity at North Korean missile base
As of August 2018, researchers said North Korea is continuing to construct an extremely large underground facility. His remarks come as the North has protested the sanctions regime, contributing to the recent impasse in U.S.

As result, expect the new audio experience to deliver shorter and punchier content, with less intro music, and for now, no ads. For now, a story is expected to be less than two minutes for short-format entries and between two and 15 minutes for medium-format listings. The company is also inviting interested media publishers to join the project.

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