Fortnite Creative mode is launching alongside season 7

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store

Epic Games is launching an Android game store in 2019 with 88% revenue share

Launching as part of Season 7 on December 6, Creative allows players to turn their attention to creating content on their gaming PC rather than just consuming it. The same could happen for Fortnite-the game's system offers similar flexibility alongside more complex mechanics like advanced movement and third-person shooting.

Not everyone will get access to a private island though. They'll be able to build islands from scratch, create custom games, and more. There's a lobby too.

"Fortnite actually got announced by CliffyB at the VGAs 2011", he said (via Fortnite News). If you purchase the Season 7 Battle Pass, you'll be able to access Creative mode early from 6th December.

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Fortnite Creative also hearkens back to Minecraft.

Details are a bit murky: Epic Games plans to launch with a set of "hand-curated" games for PC and Mac and open the store to a wider assortment of games and other platforms such as Android throughout 2019.

The mode provides an extension to the popular Battle Royale Playground option, which allowed players to land on an island with friends and mess about, making their own objectives.

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Epic Games started off with a games launcher, but the company is hoping now to provide a marketplace that is friendly to developers, content creators, and players alike.

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Sweeney was discussing Tuesday's announcement of the Epic Games Store, when he was asked what impact development of the store and the continued growth and support of "Fortnite" is having on older projects, like "Unreal Tournament".

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Epic Games have previously landed in hot water as rapper 2 Milly has entered legal proceedings for Fortnite's inclusion of the "Milly Rock" dance known as the in-game "Swipe It" emote. It will also be interesting to see if the company borrows from the community's ideas-or perhaps even copies them outright-in more official Fortnite modes. This is typically in exchange for a 5 percent share in the game's royalties, but for an Unreal game's sales on the Epic store, Epic has promised to cover that royalty out of its 12 percent share.

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