NASA selects ancient crater as next Mars landing site

NASA picks ancient Martian river delta at Jezero Crater as landing site for 2020 rover

NASA chooses the Jezero Crater as the landing site for its 2020 Mars rover mission

Zurbuchen believes that his Mars 2020 engineering team has worked very hard to ensure a safe landing on the crater.

Mars 2020 is created to land inside the crater and collect samples that will eventually be returned to Earth for further analysis, perhaps by the later 2020s.

Jezero's ancient lake-delta system offers promising sampling targets of at least five kinds of rock, including clays and carbonates that have high potential to preserve signatures of past life, NASA said in a press statement posted online.

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"Getting samples from this unique area will revolutionise how we think about Mars and its ability to harbour life", added Mr Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the agency's science mission directorate. A key objective of the new mission will be to find evidence of possible life on a young Mars: after it was revealed that in the past the planet had a mass of liquid water that it flowed a river flowing into the lake - it's time to examine themselves beds of ancient bodies of water and they collected sediment. An important difference is and landing system module, the Sky Crane gently lowered Curiosity on a thin rope, the Mars 2020 improved and allows you to track potentially risky objects at the landing site, moving away from them.

Nasa will launch the 2020 Rover in the month of July or August 2020 and it is expected to arrive by April or May 2021.

The geologic diversity that makes Jezero so appealing to Mars 2020 scientists also makes it a challenge for the team's entry, descent and landing (EDL) engineers. Scientists have considered landing previous rovers on the site, but its landscape was not ideal.

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NASA said as well as its river delta and small crater impacts, the site contains numerous boulders and rocks to the east, cliffs to the west and depressions filled with aeolian bedforms (wind-derived ripples in sand that could trap a rover) in several locations.

The site selection is dependent upon extensive analyses and verification testing of the TRN capability.

Robotic rover missions are an important part of human space exploration because these tools also help inform Nasa's efforts to send people to the surface of Mars sometime in the coming decades. They could map the area better and decide on the spots which would give them the best science samples. NASA Astronaut Claims He Saw an ET-Like Creature on Space.

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