Defiant May refuses to cave in to Spain in Gibraltar Brexit CLASH

Spain warns it could still BLOCK the Brexit deal without a veto on Gibraltar

Spain threatens to veto Brexit deal over Gibraltar

"I am pleased that ministers today support the overall package", Barnier told reporters on Monday. He added, "we have divorce papers on the table".

"It's a period which I believe is essential for the United Kingdom, for its preparations or the creation, of its bureaucracy, in certain areas, such as for businesses, but it's also a period where we don't know what will happen, because it has to be negotiated".

According to Article 184 of the draft divorce deal, "the European Union and the United Kingdom shall make every effort, in good faith and with full respect for their respective legal systems, to adopt the measures necessary to negotiate rapidly the agreements governing their future relationship".

"The Article 184 appeared on Wednesday night after Mrs May, and only Mrs May, had seen it. The EU side will still need to decide on the internal procedure on agreeing to extend the transition period", Barnier said.

Hausse des frais d'inscription universitaire — France
Le nombre d'étudiants ayant accès à des cours en anglais, ainsi qu'aux cours de français langue étrangère (FLE), sera doublé. Cette hausse concernera tous les étudiants hors Union européenne, soit près de 100.000 personnes, a précisé le ministre.

"We and the Government of Gibraltar have had positive and constructive discussions with Spain on the Memoranda of Understanding that will underpin the protocol to the withdrawal agreement on Gibraltar".

"Future negotiations on Gibraltar are separate negotiations".

"This is what needs [to] be made clear, and until it is clarified in the withdrawal agreement and in the political declaration on the future relationship, we can not give our backing [to the deal]". "Well, it is for us too", Josep Borrell stressed.

Despite mounting political pressure back in the UK, Prime Minister May remains as optimistic as her European counterparts. "There are some issues remaining that we are confident of resolving".

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Les vagues, atteignant parfois six mètres de haut, ont fait de nombreux dégâts comme en témoigne des vidéos diffusées sur Twitter. L'Agence météorologique nationale avait même émis un avis de 'risque significatif' orange vagues-submersion pour les îles.

Spain is unhappy that the draft withdrawal agreement published last week is not consistent with that position and has warned it won't back the deal at Sunday's summit without changes.

A series of debates will take place in the UK's legislative house over the coming weeks, with a vote on the agreement happening before Christmas.

"Until it is clear. we will not be able to give our agreement", he warned.

These agreements will be negotiated between Brexit day on March 29 and December 2020 - extendable once - and will enter into force at the end of the period.

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