Stacey Abrams Pressured to Concede Georgia Race by Opposition

AP Explains A close maybe disputed Georgia governor's race

Judge in Georgia orders county to accept late ballots

Stacey Abrams dismissed her GOP rival Brian Kemp's call for her to concede their race for Georgia governor, saying she wanted to honor voters' sacrifices by making their ballots count.

The Abrams campaign asserts that the total number of uncounted votes is actually about 10,000 votes higher, including roughly 4,000 early votes and vote-by-mail ballots it has identified. They held a small rally urging Abrams to keep fighting until every vote is counted. However, he notes how "it doesn't seem probable that that's going to happen", adding, "Everything would have to happen perfectly in her way for this to occur right now".

About 40 counties had yet to report their final provisional ballots by Saturday afternoon, including many larger left-leaning counties where Abrams stands to gain votes. That's a narrow sum considering the near-presidential election year turnout, though sufficient for the majority required for outright victory.

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"This is about the integrity of the election in the state of Georgia", said Abrams' campaign manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo. It calls Abrams' refusals to concede "a disgrace to democracy". She is a progressive black woman running for governor against a conservative white man in a deep-red state that Trump won handily in 2016. Those who cast a provisional ballot should head to their county election office immediately, bringing a ballot receipt and driver's license/ID or proof of citizenship.

Kemp said Thursday that it's fewer than 21,000 - nearly certainly not enough to force a runoff. Kemp repeatedly ignored warnings and fought legal efforts to force him to secure the vote and create a paper trail, all while accusing Democrats of trying to hack the state's voter registration files.

The Georgia race has been mired in controversy, with Kemp, as Secretary of State, administering his own potential election to the Governor's office.

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Purging voters from the rolls: Under Kemp, Georgia eliminated 1.5 million people from voter rolls between 2012 to 2016 - almost 10.6 percent of the total - in part through an "exact match" standard that deleted people if so much as a comma was out of place.

Abrams' campaign has reserved television advertising time and started sending vote-by-mail information to supporters in case she forces a December 4 runoff with Kemp. The state must certify a statewide result by November 20. There is also a maximum of 3,291 remaining military absentee ballots.

Groh-Wargo said Kemp owes the people of Georgia "an explanation" for why accurate and complete information was not being provided. "We do not believe any of these numbers are credible".

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Kemp's campaign did not respond to NBC News' request for comment. But that office had not publicly offered a county-by-county breakdown to Abrams' campaign or to the news media at that point. Of those, 7,592 were counted. In federal court Thursday, a secretary of state's representative said the provisional count included at least some votes cast late at a handful of metro Atlanta precincts that courts ordered to stay open past Tuesday's 7 p.m. poll closing time.

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