Florida judge sees no evidence of counting fraud

Susan Bucher right Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and Judge August Bonavita left look at provisional ballots in Riviera Beach Fla. Fr

Susan Bucher right Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections and Judge August Bonavita left look at provisional ballots in Riviera Beach Fla. Fr

In the Senate race, Scott's lead over Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson was 0.14 percentage points.

Scott's lawsuit on Sunday targeted election supervisors in Democratic-leaning Broward and Palm Beach counties. Two deputies will be stationed at the Supervisor of Elections office in Winter Haven.

"It's more generous than in 2000 because everyone had to look through the window", Lee said. If the deadline is not met in a race, the results it reported last Saturday will stand.

Marc Elias on Monday told reporters that Florida's law was not created with the intention of meeting rigid timetable requirements for the elections of a U.S. Senator or a governor and so if counties need more time, the state ought to grant them waivers to make sure they have time to count every ballot.

The released video shows just how easy it is to commit voter fraud in this country - people are unloading bags of ballots out of cars as quickly as they can.

Instead, Republicans cite a history of mishaps at the elections office. The 2016 case "was a mistake, she acknowledged that", he said of Snipes. "That is what the democratic process is about", said Gillum. He also thanked the state's supervisors of elections, canvassing boards, and the staffs for "working hard to ensure that all lawful votes are counted". "The Governor is using his position to consolidate power by cutting at the very core of our Democracy".

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In the complaint, Scott wrote that he was concerned election officials would "store election equipment and ballots in an unsecured facility outside the view of the public".

Unofficial results submitted Saturday showed the margins of victory separating the candidates in those races were all within one-half of a percentage point.

"The current law in Florida was passed after 2000 and the deadlines put into the statute were put into statute because of the 2000 experience". "The only reason not to protect the integrity of the ballots and the voting machines is if you are actively promoting or hoping for fraud".

The judge ultimately ordered the parties to meet to find a compromise, and three deputies will be added to the Broward elections office. A Broward Sheriff's deputy already watches the counting room, and access to the tabulation area is tightly controlled, Pettis said.

In addition to his order, Tuter urged a "ramp down" of rhetoric about election fraud. "These words mean things these days", he said. The county has come under criticism from Republicans for its handling of the election. In a letter to Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Rick Swearingen, Bondi-a Scott ally-urged him to investigate Snipes and Bucher.

She said she had not spoken with Trump.

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"Voter disenfranchisement doesn't just show up when you have a man or a woman blocking the entrance to a polling place, or a dog, or a water hose", said Gillum, who would become the state's first African-American governor if the recount tips his way. The deadline for them to be received by local elections offices is not until Friday.

Still, the Broward elections office does appear to have made mistakes.

Sunday also marked a return to the spotlight for Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is trailing Republican former Rep. Ron DeSantis as the recount kicks into gear, but revoked his concession a day earlier and plans to aggressively pursue any possible avenue - including new legal action - if rumors of unduly uncounted ballots persist. According to the Arizona Republic, with additional ballots being counted Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has now widened her lead over Republican Martha McSally to over 30,000 votes.

Broward Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips ordered Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes to provide the number of ballots cast, how many have been counted and how many have yet to be counted by Friday evening. "She's been found to have destroyed ballots, in violation of the law". Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova.

Snipes acknowledged Monday that "there have been issues that haven't gone the way we wanted". But the judge said it still was isn't enough to justify Scott's impouding request. Attorneys on both sides are gearing up to fight over the fate of those ballots as the margin tightens in the race. To see more, visit WLRN 91.3 FM.

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