CNN's Jim Acosta trolls Trump with tweet from Paris

Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta

Although President Trump has already derided the media as an "enemy" of the American people, he directed his Wednesday comments specifically at Acosta.

Acosta asked very few actual questions during his exchange with Trump.

Yamiche Alcindor, another journalist who was insulted by Trump at the Wednesday press conference, also expressed solidarity with Ryan. When Alcindor asked Trump about Republicans and white nationalists, he called her query "a racist question".

Trump, on the other hand, has been trying to block reporters since before he became president. Every time Trump engages pugnaciously with a reporter, he throws red meat to his base.

Again, defenders of Acosta are saying the person who first made this video has ties to websites that traffic in a lot of conspiracies, and it's problematic that the White House would promote that.

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Matt Dornic, a vice-president at CNN, said: "Absolutely shameful, @PressSec".

Acosta has been a polarizing figure even beyond the distaste that Trump and his supporters have for him. "And he's there to trade barbs with the president of the United States".

The White House responded to the lawsuit on Tuesday, calling it "just more grandstanding from CNN".

Video of the event shows that Acosta did not mistreat the intern. Her question was about the widespread concerns that Trump's rhetoric emboldens white nationalists. His political leanings should not save him for the rebuking he so clearly deserves.

Jun 11, 2018. Trump also ignored Acosta when he met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a historic summit that followed months of nuclear brinksmanship. Trump asked him to let him run the country while he (Jim) runs CNN. "I'm not naming any names because why give it oxygen?" CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta had his pass revoked on Thursday, CNN reports.

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President Donald Trump on Friday seemed fretting and fuming at media journalists, instructing them to show more respect in the "sacred" White House. "A free press is vital to democracy and we stand behind Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere". "Now that we know this is doctored, it's gonna be really hard to trust all the other footage they've released, like [CNN's] April Ryan shooting flames out of her mouth and [CNN's] Jake Tapper killing Han Solo". "Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be fired and sent to live in a Joanne's Fabric store for all the rest of her days", said Kimmel. It's a tone that black reporters and scholars of African-American history say particularly stings, given that African-Americans journalists were not allowed into the White House until 1947 - and that the White House press corps remains overwhelmingly white to this day.

The White House News Photographers Association responded that the video potentially being doctored was "deceptive, unsafe and unethical".

"I've never met [Acosta]", continued Watters.

During Lyndon Johnson's presidency, the Secret Service denied a credential to reporter Robert Sherrill of the Nation magazine.

CNN watchers want to see Trump taken to task. "Courage is combat veterans Sgt. Peck and Staff Sgt. Dwyer - the two heroes at the briefing".

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