UFO investigation after pilots report fast-moving lights over Ireland

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An investigation has been launched after several pilots spotted mysterious lights off the south-west coast of Ireland.

News coming in from The Irish Sun is that pilots who were flying near Shannon Airport over the weekend reported seeing "unidentified objects" in the sky.

The British Airways flight first reporting the unusual sighting was passing over Kerry at the time with the other flights thought to be somewhere along the south-west coast.

The pilot of British Airways flight BA94 from Montreal to London contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control after seeing the object on the left-hand side of her Boeing 787, the Daily Mail reports.

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They said no, and that nothing was showing on the radar.

The pilot responded: "OK".

The pilot of the Boeing 787, which was flying from Montreal to Heathrow, went on to describe how he spotted a odd flying object that "was moving so fast".

The controller then asked: "Alongside you?".

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The pilot described a bright light that came up along the plane before disappearing at a very high speed. She said that she did not believe it to be on a collision course but was "wondering" what it could be.

The pilot of Virgin Airlines flight VS76 from Orlando to Manchester then reported seeing a similar thing, the website reports.

Another pilot from a Virgin plane joined in and suggested it might be a meteor or another object re-entering the earth's atmosphere. It appears to be multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory.

'This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process'.

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