Lion Air plane wing torn in airport runway accident

Doomed Indonesia Jet Had Damaged Airspeed Indicator On Last 4 Flights

Boeing to issue safety warning to pilots for 737 Max jets: Report

The latest directive follows advisories issued by U.S. watchdog Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing regarding B 737 MAX planes, following the crash of a Lion Air aircraft in Indonesia last month.

The directive states that, if the "angle of attack" information received by the flight control system is too high, there is potential for repeated nose-down commands because the system believes the aircraft is going to go into an aerodynamic stall.

The advice is based on preliminary information gathered in the investigation of a Lion Air flight that crashed in Indonesia last week killing all 189 on board, the person said.

On Monday Nov. 5, CNN published an update on the crash investigation from Capt. Nurcahyo Utomo of Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) noting that the FDR review also concluded that the aircraft's airspeed indicator had been malfunctioning on four consecutive flights prior to the crash.

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More than a week ago, a Lion Air plane crashed into the sea 15 minutes after taking off from Jakarta.

Safety investigators said that pilots on the plane were dealing with inaccurate airspeed readings and asked to return to the airport just before the crash. The only way to prevent this, is for the pilot to intervene and manually deactivate the system.

"This is a tragedy, but (the safety bulletin) says absolutely nothing about the design of the plane and its major subsystems", TEAL Group aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia told Business Insider.

Lion Air's first two attempts to address the airspeed problem didn't work, and for the jet's second-to-last flight the "angle of attack" sensors were replaced, Tjahjono said.

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Aerospace giant Boeing is preparing to alert pilots of its new 737 Max line of passenger jets warning that inaccurate readings in an onboard flight-monitoring system can cause the planes "to abruptly dive", Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing a source with knowledge of the matter.

The airline said at the time that it had 61 "firm orders" for the planes. He said a team had been deployed to examine the plane. But the urgency of a fatal accident can trigger a flurry of such notices.

Boeing's advisory said the plane experienced "erroneous input from one of its [angle of attack] sensors".

Further aggravating the situation would be the fact that the trim tabs would have likely eventually reached their fully deflected position-that is, positioned all the way down-so that when the pilots pulled back on the controls to try to level off, it would have been almost impossible to do so.

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"The pilots can use extra force to correct the nose down trim, but the failure condition repeats itself, so that the nose-down push begins again 10 seconds after correcting", reported The Seattle Times. All 62 people on board died.

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