Gillum campaign issues statement on possibility of a recount

All Eyes on Florida's Gubernatorial Race: Will Florida Go Blue?

Andrew Gillum vs. Ron DeSantis: LIVE Florida gubernatorial election results

Gillum conceded the election on November 6 around 11 p.m., about three hours after the polls closed.

Republican senate candidate Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Sen. It won't change things, but it will put paid to the conspiracy theories that are already floating in Georgia over the election process there.

Scott's margin of victory also narrowed precipitously Thursday.

Florida law requires a recount in races in which the winning margin is 0.5 percent or less, unless the trailing candidate says in writing that he or she doesn't want a recount.

The official notice for a recount in either race would come from Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, a Scott appointee.

Even the Fried-Caldwell race might not be close enough for a recount to matter.

The Florida Division of Elections shows Ron DeSantis now leading Andrew Gillum, 49.62 percent to 49.15 percent.

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The bodies in charge of re-counting votes according to Florida law are called "canvassing boards", and they're comprised of the county supervisor of elections, a circuit court judge and the chair of the county commission.Once a recount is ordered, the canvassing board tests its voting machines to make sure there was no technical error. Any recount would probably begin Monday.

Democrats in three statewide races narrowed their deficits to Republican opponents as more ballots were counted Thursday, potentially setting up a lengthy recount process.

Thursday, Nov. 15: If a machine recount is ordered, the second round of unofficial returns is due from the counties at 3 p.m. Bill Nelson had earlier predicted that Nelson would eventually win.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the Broward elections office counted 22,000 ballots on Wednesday.

In the Senate race, under votes are ballots in which optical-scanning machines counted a vote for a down-ballot race such as governor or attorney general but not for senator.

Although Gillum conceded the race to DeSantis, Gillum's campaign said Thursday it was "open" to the idea of asking elections officials to conduct a recount due to late ballots coming in.

Some counties, however, are closing its doors on staffers seeking public records, stymieing the only resource available to identify voters who cast provisional ballots. Between provisional and other late ballots, it might be this weekend before results are in.

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Ingoglia was particularly harsh about the lack of information coming from Broward and Palm Beach counties. Detzner today told employees in his office to prepare for a series of recounts and stated his office was "under a microscope" right now.

"The supervisor of elections always seem to be the two that we have problems with".

"Voters in white working-class areas are becoming more conservative - and hard-line conservative - and more Republican-aligned", Isbell said". Scott has accused him of trying to "steal" the election.

"I'm unable to provide any identifying information on those persons who have voted a provisional ballot", Corley said, according to the Times.

Election officials in other Florida counties may have disclosed the identities of which voters cast provisional ballots, however. Broward is a Democratic party stronghold.

"I believe Sen. Nelson will prevail", Elias said.

Rick Scott, who has said the results in his U.S. Senate race was made final when he declared victory on Tuesday, said in a statement on Thursday that it's "sad and embarrassing that Bill Nelson would resort to these low tactics after the voters have clearly spoken".

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