Nexus 6P and 5X get their last guaranteed OTA updates

Check to see if Google has given you free Play Store credit

Google confirmed that it’s working to fix one of the Pixel 3’s biggest problems

Google tends to launch these phones with exclusive new software features, and the same software features are then rolled out gradually over the months to older Google devices. Of all the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL problems out there, this definitely seems to be the one that has been causing the biggest headache for users. As this is a device which primarily comes in just a display form with the option for it to connect to and work with an attachable keyboard when needed. Combined with the excellent camera performance on the Pixel 3 flagship duo, the end result is that Google has a rather compelling incentive. The Pixel devices are great, but they cater to a different market (and cost far more). That's specced like an entry-level Chromebook, but it's priced at the high-end for a non-Google Chrome device.

Australian Man Killed In Third Shark Attack In Popular Tourist Area
A 46-year-old tourist, Justine Barwick, was attacked on September 19 while swimming from a yacht in Cid Harbor and is recovering. Police said Tuesday that they have not publicly identified the man as they were still working to contact his next of kin.

It really isnt clear how Google is selecting who is getting the free credit. The 2016 Pixel was the first Google smartphone to come after Google made a decision to no longer make “Nexus” branded devices. For those less interested in pre-ordering, it could also be assumed the same November 22 date will be when interested parties can pop into their local Best Buy store and get hands-on with the device to see if it's right for them. The difference between the two includes 4GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage in the cheaper model and 8GB of RAM and 64GB of memory in the slightly more expensive variant. Unfortunately, you can merely pre-order the 12.3-inch powerhouse right now, but deliveries should be underway relatively quickly. The Pixel Slate tops out at $1,599 for a tablet with an Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. However, the APK version is available for Pixel series users to get a taste of what the Night Sight mode brings. In addition to the three listed below that are available from Best Buy, Google is also selling two Intel Celeron-powered Slates for $599 and $699.

Naples - PSG : Paris concède le nul, le résumé du match !
Interrogé par nos confrères de TMW , Paulo Tonietto, l'agent de Thiago Silva , est revenu sur un éventuel intérêt du Milan AC. Finalement, les joueurs de Naples s'en sortent avec un match nul qui fait plutôt leurs affaires.

In some cases, apps shut down while they were being used.

Un proxénète élu à titre posthume dans le Nevada — États-Unis
Maintenant, un autre Républicain sera nommé pour prendre sa place. Il a vaincu son unique adversaire, la démocrate Lesia Romanov. Des établissements qui avaient fait sa fortune.

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