TECH and HEALTH - NASA detects smiley in new galaxy

NASA Detects Formation of Galaxies That Looks Like a Smiley

Hubble Telescope spots smiling face staring back at it in search for newborn stars - World News

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured a formation of galaxies that looks like a smiling face, said the United States space agency. It showed a distant galaxy cluster seemingly forming a face. Two yellow-hued blobs in the image are actually bright galaxies while the blurred line below is also an arc-shaped galaxy. So gravitational lensing acts as a kind of magnifying glass for dim, far away galaxies and allows researchers to observe them easily. "Its light passed close to a massive object on the way to us, with the result that it became distorted and stretched", reported NASA astronomers.

NASA hopes to analyze the luminosity, the size, and the rate of formation of stars in different stellar nurseries from various points in time throughout the universe.

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When stars are born, they come out of giant clouds of gas, the so-called stellar nurseries.

After an issue at one of its gyroscopes, NASA's Hubble space telescope went back online and has been running in its normal mode since on October 26th, after the NASA scientists successfully conducted the recovery of the faulty gyroscope that caused Hubble to go into "Safe Mode" about three weeks earlier. These galaxies got its name because of the regions of active formation of young blue stars, which are usually located near their cores.

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NASA scientists captured in space "silhouette of a bat", which in reality is the shadow of a massive star, called among astrologers HBC 672.

Launched in 1990, Hubble Space Telescope is created to study distant objects and allows researchers to peer deeper into the early Universe than would otherwise be possible with conventional telescopes.

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