Rihanna Calls Out Donald Trump for Playing Her Music at His Rallies

Rihanna says she doesn’t want Trump using her song at his ‘tragic rallies

Rihanna Calls Out Donald Trump for Playing Her Music at His Rallies

When R&B superstar Rihanna discovered that Trump had been playing her song "Please Don't Stop the Music", she had a pointed reply.

After the singer's response, the Washington Post reporter tweeted that Rihanna had served notice about Trump playing her music.

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The anticipated cease-and-desist letter from Rihanna's legal team would not be the first President Trump would be receiving, as a wide range of artistes have previously demanded that he does not use their music at his rallies. This is how many political campaigns get around the legalities of artists not wanting to license their music to particular individuals, for fear of appearing like they are endorsing those candidates by allowing their music to be played.

Earlier today, the Fenty Beauty mogul wrote a poignant message urging her Floridian supporters to vote.

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"As far as I am concerned anybody can enjoy GNR for whatever reason n" there is truth to the saying "u cannot choose your fans" n' we are good with that...

After Pharrell Williams, Donald Trump upsets another artist by using their song without their consent at his rally and that is non-other than multitalented singer, songwriter and actress, Rihanna. "If you're exhausted of feeling like you don't matter in the political process, know the most important thing you can do in supporting a candidate is finding someone who will take on critical issues". Trump is using a blanket license loophole, in which venues pay a pre-determined fee to a performance right society and in turn can play any of the music from that catalog at their venues.

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A few hours later, he said anyone can enjoy Guns N' Roses' music, but his personal belief is that "the Trump administration along w/the majority of Republicans in Congress n' their donors that support him 4 their own agendas r doing r nation a disservice".

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