Day of reckoning approaches in first midterm elections of Trump presidency

ATLANTA GEORGIA- Former President Barack Obama speaks to a crowd of thousands at Morehouse College as he campaigns for Democratic nominee for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams in Atlanta Georgia Friday

With him or against him, Trump looms large over Election Day

Seven in Ten likely voters said they wanted to send a message to Donald Trump.

Perhaps more importantly, they would also win subpoena power to investigate the president's many personal and professional mis-steps.

Veteran Democratic strategist Paul Begala doesn't think it's hyperbolic to say that "everything" is at stake for Democrats heading into Tuesday's elections. "But, in a way, actually he is".

President Donald Trump appears to be distancing himself from the fate of House Republican candidates two days before the midterm elections.

"Recent polling points towards a divided Congress, with the GOP predicted to maintain a slim majority in the Senate while the Democrats look likely to take the House".

Female college graduates in well-off suburbs are in the spotlight because many are voicing disgust with Trump's aggressive rhetoric, and their votes could decide tight races in Democrats' favor.

Less than two weeks ago in this city, a white man gunned down two African-American shoppers at a grocery store in what police described as a racially motivated attack.

A fanatical Trump supporter was also arrested on charges of mailing pipe bombs to prominent opponents of the president, including Obama.

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The campaign's final weeks were marred by the worst anti-Semitic attack in modern USA history, which left 11 dead in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

In this scenario, Democrats could push to shore up the Affordable Care Act, but any move to reverse the Trump administration's hefty tax cut on corporations or its steady rollback of government regulations on businesses could be fruitless in the face of Mr. Trump's veto. He'd pulled into the parking lot minutes after the gunfire erupted, saw the police cars and shaken employees, and felt like the country's poisonous political climate had landed in his backyard.

Control of Congress is up for grabs in the poll, which is being seen as a referendum on Mr Trump.

"He has diarrhea of the mouth and diarrhea of the brain".

"A challenger would have a more valid case to make to the party if there was a blue wave", Ms Persons said.

If you want to veer away from all the talking heads and go straight for the numbers ahead of polls, you can find a longlist of individual polls here or generic poll-of-polls for the House here and a similar curation for the Senate here. "I think there's going to be a big backlash against Republicans because of this divisiveness". He can't remember ever voting for a Democrat but said he might this time in protest.

President Trump expressed confidence Republican voters will rally to the polls on November 6 with great energy to support and advance his agenda.

President Donald Trump shrugged off the prospect of Democrats going after his tax returns if the party wins control of the House in this week's midterm contests, suggesting Monday he was unbothered by a protracted fight over his financial documents. "In that great awakening, I feel hopeful". Trump warned Americans would "lose all of their money" if the GOP was defeated because the stock market could take a hit. Kobach has spent much of his career advocating restrictions on voting rights that would have the effect of making it more hard for people, particularly those who are not white, to vote. But it would be remarkable when you consider this: The GOP's redistricting advantage after the 2010 election was so huge that we wondered whether it was even possible that Democrats could win back the House. Hoeppner didn't respond but thought to herself that her ancestors arrived legally.

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In Southern California, lifelong Democrat Theresa Hunter said she didn't take Trump seriously in 2016. "They didn't come trying to storm the border". "Don't worry. If we do have a good day, they won't give us any credit". He said Mitt Romney, who is running as the Republican Senate candidate in Utah, is an example of a member of Trump's party who could challenge some of the president's populist policies.

"When it comes to his actions, I'm not a huge fan of his tweets", Panelo said.

"I don't mind when they say things about me like I'm a liberal".

He said he's felt an extraordinary level of enthusiasm for this election among his fellow students. "The midterm elections used to be, like, boring, didn't they?"

"This is probably the most important election in the past 100 years".

"I love me some Hoosiers", Conway said during her turn at the mic.

Rose Cathleen Bagin, 77, lives in the same neighborhood as the synagogue.

The president then brought Conway and Sanders to the stage, to cheers from the crowd.

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