Private messages of 81,000 Facebook users leaked online

If you're a Facebook user your data may be compromised

If you're a Facebook user your data may

The users affected are primarily based in Russian Federation and Ukraine, but the data also includes users from the UK, USA, Brazil and elsewhere around the world.

The hackers told the BBC that 120 million users, 2.7 million of which were Russian, had had their accounts hacked. "However, their advert has since been taken offline", it added.

The embattled social networking site also confirmed that actions have already been taken to prevent other accounts from being affected.

Hackers disclosed personal information of 47,000 accounts of Ukrainians on Facebook via FBserver website.

The data breach was first picked up in September, when a user named FBSaler began advertising "personal information of 120 million Facebook users" on an English-speaking internet forum.

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For thousands - and potentially millions - of Facebook users, correspondence sent in confidence via the social network's private messages platform have proven to be anything but.

BBC estimates that 81,000 accounts were believed to contain private and intimate messages originating from Russian and Ukranian users.

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Hackers stole the private Facebook messages of over 81,000 accounts, a BBC investigation has revealed.

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The embattled network has had a awful year for data security and questions will be asked about whether it is proactive enough in responding to situations like this that affect large numbers of people. So, when you create a website Fbserver was stated from the Russian mail service

The breach left users more vulnerable to targeted phishing attacks and created unease about posting to a service whose privacy, moderation and security practices have been called into question by a series of scandals.

A reply in English came from someone calling themself John Smith. Facebook has claimed that the data theft wasn't the company's fault.

The BBC noted that it's unlikely Facebook would've missed such a huge breach.

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