Ahead of vote, Twitter says accounts removed over 'disinformation'

The number is modest considering that Twitter has previously deleted millions of accounts it determined were responsible for spreading misinformation in the 2016 US presidential election

Twitter reportedly removes over 10,000 accounts that discourage voting

Between September and October of this year, Twitter deleted more than 10,000 bot accounts that posted messages aimed at convincing people not to vote, according to a report from Reuters.

Although the numbers are modest as compared to the vast scores of account taken down by social media giants after Russia's purported role in influencing U.S. presidential elections 2016 came to light, it would add as fodder for the Democratic Party to charge the Donald Trump-led Republicans of using misinformation for malicious gains.

Twitter indicates that the accounts were trying to persuade voters to stay home on election day, which would suppress the vote for the pivotal midterm elections on Tuesday.

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Reuters even characterized it is an "early win" for the partisan group. It would not share any details about what the accounts looked like, or how they were working to discourage voting.

The social media website accounts were being operated from the United States.

Twitter previously said it detected a total of 50,258 automated accounts that were identified as Russian-linked and responsible for tweeting election-related content during the 2016 race.

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They allow users to identify automated accounts and further analyse how they are spreading information about a specific topic. "We stopped this quickly and at its source", Twitter told the CNN broadcaster late on November 2.

Professor of informatics and computer science at the University of Indiana Filippo Menacer said: "We made Hoaxley and Botometer free for anyone to use because people deserve to know what's a bot and what's not".

He did not say if these flagged posts were subsequently removed by Twitter.

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