NASA tests showed the parachute for Mars

This illustrated sequence shows the stages of Mars Insight's descent. Credit NASA JPL

This illustrated sequence shows the stages of Mars Insight's descent. Credit NASA JPL

September 7 morning, the Advanced Supersonic Parachute Inflation Research Experiment (ASPIRE) applied on the Black Brant IX rocket.

The parachute is made from nylon.

According to NASA, the cargo opened the parachute, reaching the required distance when passing through the atmosphere, four tenths of a second.

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It was the fastest inflation in history of a parachute this size and created a peak load of nearly 70,000 pounds of force.

'Mars 2020 will be carrying the heaviest payload yet to the surface of Mars, and like all our prior Mars missions, we only have one parachute and it has to work, ' said John McNamee, project manager of Mars 2020 at JPL. That will mark the end of the parachute tests, but not the end of Mars 2020 preparations. It demonstrated the behavior of a parachute in the conditions of a supersonic flow at a great height above Mars. "And let me tell you, it looks handsome", said McNamee.

Representatives of the Jet Propulsion Lab working on the project, claim that the Department consulted and gave the green light to ASPIRE to join the Mars 2020 mission.

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Experts have created a special parachute to ensure the landing of people and the automated systems on the surface of said planet. It weighs at about 1,050 kilograms.

NASA's first trip to Mars may be a few years off, but that didn't stop the space agency from embarking on a new mission to the Red Planet in podcast form. The Mars 2020 rover is created to look out for the signs of past microbial life, and in the meantime, it will also collect samples and place the samples in a cache. It'll also be tasked with collecting samples and placing them in caches that could be retrieved by later missions and taken back to Earth.

The podcast, which will be narrated by science journalist Leslie Mullen and InSight team members, will feature episodes that bring together humor and storytelling to keep listeners updated on InSight's journey to Mars and the behind-the-scenes work of this mission.

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NASA has not announced where the rover will land on Mars, but it is expected to be launched from Earth by July or August 2020 and then arrived at its destination by February 2021.

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