Breast Cancer Care launches Alexa tool to help women spot key signs

Wear it pink day at Spalding Bakery

Wear it pink day at Spalding Bakery

Besides this, breast cancer can also spread to lymph nodes under the arm or close to the collar bone and cause there to be a lump or swelling, even before the tumour in the breast can be felt.

She said one stands, for instance, at risk of getting the disease if a family member has the diseases, aged above 50 years.

Talking to this scribe, Dr. Ayesha Isani Majeed, Deputy Project Director FBCSP, Associate Professor of Radiology PIMS, said that the establishment of a "One Stop Breast Clinic" was the answer to the cultural, financial, mental and physical needs of the women of Pakistan.

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Women in the Southern Trust area with a family history of breast cancer can now benefit from a lifestyle programme to help them reduce the risks of developing the disease.

If the world seems a little pinker lately, that is because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and everyone from national brands to your local coffee shop are using different products and promotions to inform the public about the disease that claims the life of one woman every 13 minutes. Equal parts amusing and emotional, it's not just a survivor's memoir, it's also a story about love, family, and learning to grow up.

"I sat in the truck and cried, I'm not going to deny it". "They should be doing a yearly exam on men-not a mammogram, but basically just a check, a "pec check" if you will".

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Hormone therapy drugs are typically used to help treat breast cancer, but some might also help prevent it. Tamoxifen and raloxifene have been used for many years to prevent breast cancer. The Council advises, organizes and implements outreach in the African American community. Fortunately, death rates are declining, and improvements in early detection and treatment are key. Currently, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer among Canadians is 87 percent, and the five-year net survival in the United States is 85 percent. She attended Shorter's Pink Sunday service. At one time, feeling pain in the breast or armpit was not seen as a symptom of cancer, but certainly is today. The goal was to come together and support those who are going through a diagnosis and educate not only church members but the larger community.

"No gender can be said to be immune to breast cancer as it affects both male and female, so, we all have to be cautious of what we consume". It contains flashcards that cover all Breast Cancer Care's traditional information and more recent innovations in care, like mindfulness meditation.

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