FBI Conducting Criminal Investigation into Tesla

Tesla's Elon Musk made five big assertions — with asterisks

Elon Musk shown in 2017 said Wednesday that Tesla does not intend to raise any more equity or debt

Tesla's stock soared 13 percent to $326.12 after the numbers came out.

"The Tesla investment case is about growth, not free cash generation, so we expect cash to be invested in growth and support current leverage if Tesla demonstrates sustainably positive free cash flow". "I am incredibly excited about what lies ahead".

The SEC in September charged Musk, 47, with misleading investors with tweets in August that said he was considering taking Tesla private at $420 a share and had "funding secured".

Elon Musk may have settled a suit filed against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but he's still tilting at federal regulators. Under the terms of the settlement, Musk must step down as the chairman of Tesla's board of directors for three years and pay a $20 million fine.

The usually freewheeling Musk was unusually restrained through most of the call with analysts, although he occasional broke into some braggadocio. That process proved hard, although the company succeeded in meeting it target. As well as putting Tesla on track to sell over 200,000 cars this year, the electric saloon's strong sales revenues are "critical to make [the] business sustainable".

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But Musk didn't stop there.

Tesla shares were trading higher by 2.8 percent at $323.69 late in Friday's session.

Ellison's net worth is estimated to be around $59 billion.

Further, Musk said that he just recently approved the Model Y prototype for production, a statement which suggests that we might see a grand unveiling sooner rather than later.

The vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled in March of next year.

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The investigation may be looking at statements made by the company in 2017, according to the Wall Street Journal's sources. That didn't happen. Meanwhile, the company faced a grilling from investors and Tesla stock took wild swings amid a series of other scandals.

But at least one-time Tesla skeptic converted into a believer, even before the company released its results.

Kallo also said that the article "largely recycled previously reported information" and that Baird found "certain aspects of the article suspect".

What is the Tesla vehicle that you are most excited about?

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