At least six dead as heavy rain, flooding, hits Italy

Venice on 'code red' as city sees worst flooding since 2012

Acqua alta hits Venice, vaporetti KO

The Guardian reported that Monday witnessed strong winds in Venice, which raised the water level to more than 5 feet, rendering even the eleavted walkways useless.

Local authorities said the high tide hit a maximum of 156 centimetres in the early afternoon - the fourth highest level ever recorded.

The lagoon city's St Mark's Square remained under water for a second day while the adjacent St Mark's Basilica was inundated, its baptistery totally flooded and its mosaic floors covered by 90cm (2ft 11in) of water. The water from the lagoon runs into the St Mark's Square. The victims also included a woman who was buried by mud when a landslide invaded her home near Trento in northern Italy and a man who was slammed against rocks while wind surfing in Emilia-Romagna.

The water bus system has been closed by transport officials due to the emergency although it will still run to outlying islands. The project, nicknamed Moses, is long overdue, beset by cost overruns and corruption scandals. That happens four times a year in Venice on average.

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Venice frequently floods, but Monday's levels are the highest since 2008.

Strong winds and heavy rain pummeling Italy has left three-quarters of Venice submerged in floodwater, officials said Monday.

Flooding at high tide has become much more common in Venice because of climate change - a problem that will continue to worsen as seas rise thanks to increasing temperatures and melting ice sheets.

Two people were killed when a tree hit a auto they were travelling in near Frosinone, south of Rome.

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Locals and tourists have been sharing pictures and videos of a flooded Venice, as they waddle in knee deep water and struggle to walk its streets.

"All of Veneto is in code red alarm for this wave of bad weather", said Luca Zaia, the regional president, warning that conditions could match historic flood levels of 1966.

Several major tourist spots across Italy, including the Colosseum in Rome, have been reportedly shut down because of heavy rains and winds in the country.


The Interior Ministry is urging officials to keep school and offices closed today, in order to keep those who are trapped in storm-struck regions safe.

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