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Elizabeth Warren used to try to rebut the ridicule of President Donald Trump angered some Native Americans, who complained that the genetic analysis cheapens the identities of tribal members with deeper ties to the Indian past. Warren's supporters were thrilled in 2016 when, despite her courtly professorial demeanor, she sounded willing to give as good as she got in her back-and-forth with Trump's smash mouth approach to politics.

"Of course, given the popularity of Trump's "Pocahontas" line on the right, there were already indications Monday that the president and his allies would not be assuaged by any efforts verifying Warren's claim to some Native American ancestry".

This week, the US senator released a slick video with the results of her own DNA test. If they weren't then claiming her Native American lineage seems to be an attempt to claim herself as "other" in order to appear relatable to minorities or even worse to take advantage of any benefits.

Locally, the Cherokee Nation said the DNA tests were useless for determining tribal citizenship.

Warren attempted to use the results as evidence to back up her claims of heritage, only to have it flatly rejected by the Cherokee Nation-the largest federally recognized tribal enterprise in the nation. And every time the media simply parrot Democratic talking points on issues like Warren's ancestry, they undercut their credibility.

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Rather than dig further into the story, the Daily Beast praised Warren for her transparency.

Trump thanked the Cherokee Nation "for revealing that Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is a complete and total Fraud!"

One of President Donald Trump's greatest talents is to effortlessly induce Democrats to do dumb stuff that exposes their lies, hypocrisy and contempt for the intelligence of their fellow Americans outside their urban strongholds.

She also contributed a crab omelette recipe to a "Pow Wow Chow" Indian cookbook - which Boston radio host Howard Carr claimed was all but ripped from a French chef in a fancy New York City restaurant.

"I think she's probably disqualified because she made a fool out of herself", he said of Elizabeth Warren during a political rally in Montana.

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Trump answered the request by falsely denying that he ever made such a pledge.

What's unclear is whether Warren's DNA gambit will allow her to put the controversy in the past, or whether it endures in jokes and political lore. What is the impact other than to alienate Native Americans who do not accept her claim? He's scared. He's trying to do what he always does to women who scare him: call us names, attack us personally, shrink us down to feel better about himself. Such acts might well "soothe his ego - but it won't work". The woman who comes to Okmulgee, Oklahoma, every year from Germany to visit Grandma for a month but brings with her money and gifts and steaks for the barbecue?

Another claim in Trump's tweet bears correcting.

Mr Trump has bucked decades of precedent by refusing to release his income tax returns during the 2016 presidential election, and continued with this stance after taking office.

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