School cook who added kangaroo meat to chilli beef loses job

A school chef was sacked after he added kangaroo meat to school lunches, according to the Associated Press.

The cook who mixed kangaroo meat into the chili he made for students at a Nebraska Panhandle school has lost his job.

Williams said in a letter to parents on Wednesday that Frei told him he'd augmented the chilli's beef on October 10 with kangaroo meat because it is lean and nutritious.

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However, Mr Williams had a few "thoughts on this situation".

If the district were to serve food with unusual ingredients, the superintendent said those ingredients should be listed on the menu so people are aware of what they're eating.

KSID - a radio station based in Sidney, Nebraska - said the school received two complaints, one of which claimed their child became ill after the lunch.

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School officials do not believe kangaroo meat is unhealthy or unsafe and it meets USDA standards in order for companies to sell it, but Williams said it will not be a part of the Potter-Dix meal program.

He apologized for any anxiety the exotic ingredient may have caused and vowed that such incidents will not recur.

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